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When To Book A Newborn Session

The best time to book a newborn session with Kaufmann Photography is during your pregnancy! Book while you are still in the baby planning stages and nesting. This is when you will actually have the time to research, prepare and get excited.

There are numerous reasons why during your pregnancy is the best time to book:

Time FliesYour baby will be here before you know it – then life gets even more busy! Take the time while you can to do adequate research, planning, and booking to ensure that the dates that work for the baby work for the photographer. If you wait until after the baby is born, you risk that I will be too booked to fit your session into my schedule. Newborns are only fresh and tiny for a short period of time, and I prefer to photograph them at 7-10 days old. You can also save money by booking a maternity-newborn collection!

Overtired Parents: The first days at home with your newborn will be crazy, hectic, and amazing. You will be preoccupied with the overwhelming joys of parenthood, and 7-10 days will pass quickly. Secure a session before hand so time doesn’t escape and we can ensure that your little one will be photographed while they are small enough to be posed like a newborn.

Planning and Preparation: In studio sessions require planning on my end and yours. I send out questionnaires that help us plan colour, style, and session details. This helps me to prepare prior to the session to make sure you love the photos. By booking your session in advance, you will have the time to do adequate planning and deciding where and how your photos will be used.

The Booking Process: Booking a newborn session is more than just a quick phone call. Yes, a phone call gets the ball rolling, but there is a lot more to consider. It is important to understand what is and isn’t included in the session fee, how much the session costs, what products are available, what props and wardrobe are available to suit your desired look, and what my policies include. It is best to get the booking process going while you are pregnant rather than when you are carrying around a newborn.

Unpredictable Newborns: The arrival of your newborn isn’t necessarily up to you! Your little one may come early, late, or right on time – you just don’t know. Don’t let your baby beat you to booking their session. Once they make their appearance, life will get in the way!

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