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What to Expect | Newborns

Kingston Newborn Photographer

Because your little one’s date of arrival is never 100% sure,  we will reserve a time for you around your expected due date.  When baby makes an appearance we will then make a firm appointment for the next few days.  If you could add me to your list of people to call we will be sure not miss this small and precious window of time.

Your session should take place within 3-10 days of the baby’s birth. A general guide is around day 4 when mom’s milk has come in, the baby is getting enough to eat, and is sleeping well, and curling up small.  Only prior to 7 days can we still capture the sweet curling up that very young newborns do.  We can get a lot of really fun poses with them, that  simply aren’t possible when they are older.  Also, after the first week is when the inevitable and somewhat yucky things like baby acne and colic begin!  Please phone and book your newborn portrait session while you are still pregnant.  I want to be able to fit your baby in while they are still small.

I like to photograph little babies with their parents holding them, it shows how small they are, and also comforts the baby to have someone familiar holding them. Both parents should bring a long sleeved black shirt and pants as well as a white shirt and blue jeans.

Babies are photographed in my heated studio so it will be quite warm. This is to encourage sleeping babies. I also use a professional baby bed with backdrops, props and accessories. You may choose to bring some favorite items to use but most newborns are photographed naked or swaddled.