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What to Expect | Children

I recommend layered outfits, rubber boots, cool caps or beanies, scarves, overalls, bare feet, accessories and a favorite toy! If you have any questions on styling the shoot, I’d love to assist! White clothing or anything with written logos is not recommended.

For multiple children try to keep outfits coordinating but not matching. Sessions are usually held in my new residential studio. I love to use natural light for my photography, as it is simply the most beautiful light for child portraiture, but I do have a full complement of  professional studio lighting, studio fans, fun props and accessories for you to choose from.

Outdoor locations are also a beautiful option. Depending on weather and type of light, a session can take place at a local park or beach, under a shady tree, or near a flower garden at your home.  Depending on the season we can also keep the photo/play session inside your home using available window light or my portable studio.

Best for everyone to be well rested, clean and well fed. Bring along the same items you would bring to play at a friends. I provide some snacks but if your child has a favorite treat please bring it along. If they have a favorite toy please include that as well. If your child is not feeling well, it’s recommended to reschedule for another day.