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Vendor Partnerships

We partner with select proprietors in our local community to collaborate on projects and share the benefits of selective cross promotions.

We have specifically created an exquisite From the Heart Gift Set featuring several local business and their unique products and services. Our goal is to work alongside like minded business to create a stunning, meaningful and classically elegant gift for Kingston’s discerning adult community.

In return for your generous donations to the Gift Sets we offer to promote your business as a project partner through targeted marketing and social media campaigns. We will encourage clients in your target market to visit your place of business and promote your products and services throughout the campaign. We envision this campaign to be ongoing through the year, targeting special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mothers + Father’s Day, Christmas, Anniversaries and Birthdays.

You may choose to donate products or gift certificates, each in exchange for different value added products to suit your unique business needs.

Partners we are currently working with have donated items such as…
A Custom Photography Experience
Dinner for Two
Couples Massage
Gourmet Coffee
Theater Tickets
Gift Certificates for Boutique Clothing
Individually wrapped cupcakes
Salon Services (including nails, hair and waxings)
Winery Tours
B&B Holidays

Your benefits from participating are multifaceted. Firstly we cross promote our services, increasing website and store traffic to target clientele, and improving website SEO. Secondly, you receive our photographic services in return for your generous donations.  Depending on your level of donation we can provide imagery of your products and workplace for use in your future media campaigns, or we will offer gift certificates for you to gift to your best clients. Having personalized imagery provides inspirational warmth and beauty to your space, and serves as inspiration and encouragement for your clientele. Providing your best clients with the gift of Custom Photography is a personal and very unique opportunity as well.

We strive to help elevate your space, and to inspire and encourage your clientele, thus providing both of our businesses a chance to cross market ourselves in the community.

Please have a look at the style and classic elegance of our From the Heart Gift Sets and consider becoming involved in this high end, unique gift giving experience. {Email or phone to discuss details further!}Gift Boxes