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Why Work with Me? At the core my studio is
simple and honest and I believe in the value of
hard work and real relationships.

I want to bring you an experience that is truly unique and create the best products without
compromising quality. I prefer to work towards building a family of clients who I can follow through
their life’s journey versus a long list of individuals I only meet once.


Some background

A world traveller not only for work but also for my family, I spent many years abroad and now work out of my residential studio near Kingston Ontario. Only 10 minutes from Kingston’s historical downtown my husband and I enjoy 100 acres of beautiful farmland and are raising our 2 children and a herd of Black Angus Cattle! I love to tell a story and combine fine art, styled editorial work with photojournalism to create a marriage of effortless emotion and all things beautiful.



It is my mission is to help you preserve your memories in a classic, tasteful and artistic way. Through embracing the highest quality products and honestly getting to know you and your needs I will take your unique story to the next level. I have three simple goals for every client: to save you stress, to create a unique photographic experience, and to design beautiful heirlooms for your family.

  • INTEGRITY – I take a sincere, honest approach to conceptualizing and styling innovative sessions for my clients and know the value of what I produce. I stand firmly by the highest quality and completeness of my products and services.
  • PASSION – A dedication for building connections and maintaining relationships fuels both my business practices and client relations. I take pride in the number of families who return to the studio as their photographic needs change and strive to offer an excellent customer experience.  My commitment to innovation ensures I manage a forward-thinking studio with a true passion for the industry.
  • LEADERSHIP – Through building a growing library of resources for families and networking with professionals since beginning in 2007 I have created a boutique business with big ideas. I am dedicated to creating unique artwork for my clients and to humbly sharing my experience and practices with fellow photographers and young creatives in the field.
  • QUALITY – One of my greatest responsibilities is to execute excellence in my products and services. Because the photography industry is continually changing this excellence must evolve with current technologies and standards. I will not compromise quality for quantity in a competitive market and believe this is a testament to how strongly I believe in the value the custom photography experience which I provide.

New to the Studio?

  1. Feel free to stop by for a visit, it is the best way to get to know each other and always nice to meet new friends.
  2. Custom photography is an investment in your families memories, the possibilities are endless and I work closely with you to determine exactly what suits your unique needs.
  3. Please try to book well in advance to ensure you are not disappointed. My calendar typically fills up 2 months in advance for portraits and 1 year for weddings. If you need a last minute session don’t despair, reach out as soon as you are aware.
  4. Enjoy the experience and trust our vision. The memories will be beautiful.



I love working with students from the surrounding universities and colleges and tend to have 1-2 placement students each year. Email me directly at lauren@kaufmannphotography.com to discuss your goals!

Job Opportunities

I am not currently seeking new team members but if you feel your style, personality, skills and passion align with what you see here feel free to send your CV to me directly at lauren@kaufmannphotography.com. I am not able to respond to every resume individually but please accept my sincerest thanks for your interest in my business!